David Delmar Senties

Artist, UX designer, and coder. Also, that guy at the bar trying to talk over the music about web fonts.

I have experience working with startups, as well as established brands. My team and I have designed and built first-to-market ad concepts for brands like Starbucks, Coke, FedEx, and Pepsi. I've helped set up PayPal's incubator, Start Tank, and serve as its UX subject matter expert. And I've founded a program called Resilient Coders that aims to teach underprivileged and incarcerated teens the fundamentals of web design and development.

Drop me a note at david@delmarsenties.com or on Twitter, @delmarsenties


The next generation of the Kayak model, for buses.

When we were creating the site, we had a few obstacles to overcome, such as how to easily and intuitively present what happens when you have to book several legs of a single trip. Or how to make clear that even though you may have selected an option, you still have to book it through an affiliate website. The Wanderu team was a dream client, and together we produced some awesome stuff.

After this website deployed in January 2013, Wanderu took their site to SXSW and won "Most Innovative Web Company."

Also, they brought a monkey. Here I am with Miki, the Wanderu monkey.

Tall Heights

Tall Heights gig poster. Check them out.


The first step in tackling the recidivism epidemic is knowing which prisons are more successful than others.

I've co-founded Civica.io along with Adam Friedman, to build software for public benefit. The Behavioral Risk Assessment and Segmenting Software (BRASS), is one such piece of software, designed to help re-conceive prison as a place for rehabilitation. Our current prison system is good at keeping people in. BRASS is meant to help keep people out. Learn more about BRASS here.

Start Tank

Co-founded PayPal's Boston-based incubator.

Start Tank is PayPal's innovation cluster. And although it was started here in Boston, the brand will be rolled out across eBay's new incubation spaces around the world, including London and Chennai. I designed and built the website, a neat little parallax piece. I currently serve as the subject matter expert in user experience, and consult with startups on their products. We've gotten quite a bit of press since launching, from outlets including the Boston Globe, BostInno, NECN, Entrepreneur.com, VentureBeat, and many others.

Shout out to Alex Moran for the logo.

The 5.5-minute Hallway

This comic book knows your friends' names.

I hosted an event at the PayPal Boston office called Makerthon, in which participants would spend 24 hours creating anything. As a comic book tweak, I wanted to attempt a new type of comic: one with dynamic content. The storyline is informed by your Facebook data. You sign in with your Facebook account. Then the story takes place in your city, mentions your friends, and pulls in their photos. While I didn't finish it within 24 hours, I got several slides in. Enough to creep myself out.

And if you're not yet thoroughly creeped out, check out the book it's (loosely) based on: Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves. Do it. Right now.